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Drumshhh Pads for Rock Band will fit original drum kits from any Rock Band™ game. They protect the drum heads, reduce drumstick noise, and they can help reduce double-hits with ultra-sensitive Rock Band 2 drum kits.

Hear the music, not the noise.

Is your Rock Band™ drummer driving you crazy? Neighbors yelling at you about the racket? We have your solution! Drumshhh™ are pre-cut, self-adhesive, foam-backed felt pads that attach to the face of Rock Band™ drum heads to reduce the drumstick noise.

Four-color Drumshhh pads

Why buy Drumshhh™?
  • Reduce noise while protecting your drum heads - in addition to a 50-75% reduction in noise, Drumshhh™ pads protect your drum heads from damage. The surface of Rock Band™ drum heads (especially Rock Band 1 drum kits) have been known to bubble and split after long use. Those drums weren't cheap! Protect them with Drumshhh™ pads.

  • No loss in drum sensitivity* - unlike some pads, the high-density EVA foam that forms the base of our pads has proven not only to not reduce sensitivity, but for some customers it improved the playability of their drums! Also, our pads fit precisely inside the rim of the drum head and unlike thin rubber pads that attach to the outer rim and then are pushed down to stick to the drum head only in the middle, every hit on a Drumshhh™ pad is transmitted directly to the drum head surface. See our Testimonials page to read what our customers have to say.

  • Felt surface, not vinyl or plain foam - many wild designs are available on so-called "skins" for Rock Band™ drums. These are great for cosmetic improvements, but for noise reduction, you cannot beat felt.

  • Pre-assembled and ready to use - we do not sell you a "kit" that you have to assemble yourself; our pads are pre-assembled and ready to apply.

  • High-quality materials and construction - we import quality EVA foam and synthetic felt from commercial suppliers, and our pads are die cut on professional equipment for consistent results.
*Note: Drumshhh™ pads will not negatively impact the sensitivity of properly working Rock Band drum kits. Certain early samples of the Rock Band 1 drum kit (primarily from the EL model line) have abnormally low sensitivity out of the box. The application of any covering to these drum kits may negatively impact drum performance. If your drums have very low sensitivity, we recommend you test your drum heads covered with a towel or mousepad before purchasing any type of noise-reducing or protective cover.

Several styles available

4-color pads - colorful and easy to see (great for beginning drummers)
Four-color Drumshhh pads

Full-size black - for the "pro look"
Full-size black Drumshhh pads

Small-size black - allow the original color ring to show
Small-size black Drumshhh pads

Full-size & Small-size white, to match Wii drum kits, or The Beatles Rock Band™ white drum kits.
(Compatible with all original Rock Band drum kits)
White Drumshhh pads

I love these pads...the drums are quiet and my playing is awesome because I dont have the double tap. I was worried that I would have to hit the drums harder because of the pads but you don't and it actually lets me play for longer because of the softer hit your wrists dont get as sore. Thank you so much for an awesome product they are far better than I even hoped for.

A video review is now available at TheXboxCollector.com! Check out our Testimonials page for more.
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